The Venue

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Amersfoort

An interior view of Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort

About the Hotel

Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort is surrounded by beautiful greenery, yet located close the characteristic city center of Amersfoort. 

The 4-star Hotel offers various amenities, such as a fitness gym, electric bike rental, and more.

For more information about the Hotel, please visit it's official webpage at: 

An exterior view of Fletcher Hotel Amersfoort
A typical Dutch vista in Amersfoort

About the City

The first historical mention of Amersfoort as a settlement dates back to the year 1028. The name Amersfoort is derived from its location near a ford (shallow crossing, old Dutch: voorde) of the river de Eem (old name: Amer).

Like many cities in the Netherlands, the modern city of Amersfoort combines its rich history with solid Dutch infrastructure and all the comforts of 21st century living!

The Koppelpoort: a medieval double land/water city gate

Getting There

Stichtse Rotonde 113818 GV AmersfoortThe Netherlands

The Netherlands has a reliable public transport system and travelling by train and bus is recommended. Nevertheless, always double check your journey shortly before leaving at one of the following two webpages:


After arriving at Schiphol airport:

A map of Schiphol airport can be found here:

Schiphol Airport Map


The closest train station is Amersfoort Centraal. From there you can travel to the hotel by bus. Train tickets can be bought in advance (online, at or at a ticket machine at any train station. Watch the following video to learn how to buy a train ticket at a machine.

How to get a train ticket in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and other train stations in the Netherlands

Plan your journey by train and bus at:


Bus stop 'Stichtse Rotonde' is located right in front of the hotel.

Bus 19 is the only bus that stops there.

It is not necessary to purchase a bus ticket separately. You can pay with your (debit or credit) bank card by touching it against the scanner when entering and exiting the bus. In case of issues most bus drivers are happy to help you, and they generally are proficient in English!

Plan your journey by train and bus at: